Dale Carnegie Article


I was reading an article about a recent post from Dale Carnegie program. As much as I love any motivational guidance, I am struck by this line that what may be good for the goose may not work for the gander, whether I am one it t’other, if you get my meaning. In marketing we become so very aggressive about getting a commitment from the client. I much prefer that the client comes to me after my pitch without the pressure. I work with lawyers so are you Matlock or the Lincoln Lawyer. Some times less is more, more or less. I love my quote, because it was about a former company principle who was quite assertive and yes his name was Les. He was a great guy and he lit that fire under those who needed it, however as an experienced person in business, some influence fell on my deaf ears, but with a grain or more of respect for his being a founder. That is too big to ignore.

I love that the DC program mentors and is a leading influence to those starting out and maybe to themselves who never had an opportunity to be mentored. just today I quoted DC in a brain strategy for a new concept in one area of my work.

Balance is key to quality client relationships.
Comfort, don’t do anything you would not feel comfortable about participating in.
Trust that they have a trust in you as a supplier and don’t break it, or you know, you can never return.
Respect a decision, even if it is not what you hoped for. They will come back if you do. It isn’t rocket science but it is being the rock(glowing or not) your client will return to. I promise!

I’m not addicted-to-success as much as I am to my clients success, because one is directly related to the other ….at least for me.